When someone comes to you with a problem,

What’s your first reaction? 

Do you try to fix it or to feel it?

Let’s look back to our past, there are some people who helped us the most; 

Is their words or their love that get you straight when you are getting off track?

Most cases should come from the great LOVE which you could feel from them.

In front of a broken heart, to be present and listen is more meaningful than to say endless-emptied-rhetoric advice. The reason is we cannot really be in their situations; we cannot be them to feel how terrible it could be; our life lessons are ours, not theirs. 

To be present with and to listen actively are like turning up your love and care for them. To be compassionate is to suffer with (In Latin, com means with, passio means to suffer)

In contrast, to say the rhetoric is like a fool who only can see others’ speck in their eye but cannot see a log in his own eye (Matt 7:1-5).

In short, to be present with and listen actively are very crucial to show how much you love and care for a wounded human being. In other words, when you want to fix, you only see brokenness; when you care and, you can see hope and chance. 

With love,

Butchivuive (Happy pencil)