“I hope you have enough…” That is my last message to say with many close friends and they will do the same to me.

The story of that sentence is from a book named “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” The story in the book tells about the farewell of a father with his daughter. 

The father said:

  • I hope you have enough sunlight to keep your soul pure.
  • I hope you have enough happiness to maintain your strong spirit.
  • I hope you have enough suffering to love even your smallest joy.
  • I hope you have enough of what you have to make you content.
  • I hope you have enough loss in order to love what you are having now.
  • And I hope you have enough “goodbyes” in order to overcome the Last Goodbye.

Life is somehow like a song. There are sometimes high joyful notes, low sad notes and many silent ones. Nevertheless, all of the high, low, silent notes in harmony create a terrific and unique song for each human being in the world.

 It is said that: “if there are no ups and downs in your life. This means you are dead.”

Scientifically speaking, if the Electrocardiogram (ECG) is up and down constantly, you are alive and if the machine is no more up and down, but no change at all, you can guess what this means. Metaphorically speaking, it is our life which needs all the up and down moments, joy and sadness, be playful and be serious, happiness and sufferings.

If you are never hungry, you will not know the true value of food you can have.

If you are not busy anytime, you may not understand the precious moments in silence and peace. 

If you do not feel any pain, suffering, or loneliness, you may not realise the value of happy and joyful moments which you can have with your family, friends and beloved ones.

All of these moments are necessary for human healthy growth. However, just like cooking food, enough seasoning will bring a delicious taste. To be too salty or insipid will ruin the taste. 

When you love someone, just give him/her ENOUGH care, love, happiness and sadness. Feeling enough can result in more sympathy, understanding, and last-long love. 

To conclude, I hope you have ENOUGH…

With love,

Butchivuive (Happy pencil)