It is said that: “Live your life as an EXCLAMATION, not an EXPLANATION. “

How terrific this idea is!

To live in this tough life is not an easy task. Normally, human beings set up philosophy of life and display that lifestyle as an explanation. In other words, we often try to explain for our way of life verbally.

However, “using our words to convey a message is only half the task of communicating.” So, what is the other part? It is to exemplify what we say by what we do. To be witness is harder than to be a preacher.

A man says that he loves a girl but does not care about her birthday or her hobbies. Is that a real love?

Parents teach children that using smartphone is not good for their growth. Nevertheless, the parents cannot leave their phone to play with their children. Is that good example?

There is a Vietnamese idiom:

“Lời nói lung lay,

Gương lành lôi kéo”

“Words can lead to considering

but good example can result in imitating.”

To sum-up, live your life as an exclamation! This means to practice what we say, to live completely in this present with all your energy, your passion, your love. We do not need to explain or excuse for what we did because we know why we acted, how we did with all our loving heart.

In order to practice these ideas, here are a few things we can consider:

“1. Think before speaking.

2. Use strength to help others, not to dominate them.

3. Be more empathetic, understand another’s perspective.

4. Be sensitive to another’s feelings.

5. Do not be the center of attention.”

With love,


A reflection after reading “Turn-Ups – A day-to-day guide for making a better life” – Yehuda Berg.